About CB Design

Casa Bella Design was started as an interior decorating service in 1996 by Gayle Erdman after 19 years in fine art development and sales. It was a natural segue to go in this direction following many years of placing art in both residential and business settings giving Gayle great exposure to many beautiful environments both in the US and internationally.

Originally from the northern VT city of St. Albans, Gayle graduated from the University of Vermont and shortly after moved to Carrara, Italy to live in the artistic community. During that time she apprenticed at SGF Studios learning the art of carving stone which resulted in a successful career as an artist. It was the influence of the simple yet beautifully elegant Italian lifestyle that embedded lasting memories and inspirations to this day, thus the name Casa Bella or Beautiful Home.

Working with clients is always such a pleasure for Gayle and her role as a residential and commericial interior decorator provides the ability to help with each individual’s creative journey. By providing a relaxed environment and extensive selection of wonderful products and ideas unique to each situation CB Design will help successfully transform any idea into reality.

Gayle presently lives in Hinesburg, VT with her husband Doug  in an old 1850’s farmhouse that is finally emerging into the beautiful house envisioned when  purchased 10 years ago.  Sharing their home are  2 labs Josie & Tara, the cat Beau, and 5 horses which comprise her other life as a breeder of sport horses.


Beautiful environments is a process that reflects one’s own unique character. Casa Bella’s greatest source of happiness, is when clients feel that their individual dreams have been made into reality. This can be a cooperative process, and ultimately one finds that special place within that inspires. Gayle views herself as the support person with a rich palette of ingredients and ideas to facilitate the success of each project, where everyone feels they had an important part in making it happen.


Transforming dreams and ideas into unique environments.