Commercial Interior Design Portfolio

Heritage Aviation FBO
Heritage Aviation’s new FBO designed by TruexCullins Architecture was completed in 2009. Among the many distinguished recognitions it has garnered as a leader in environmental technology (LEED certified), it also won the BBA Hertzel N Pasackow Architectural Excellence Award. CB Design was contracted by Heritage to be their liason with Truex Cullins Interiors for the interior paint colors and furnishings, as well as procurement of all products. Working with designers Kim Deetjen and Cecelia Redmond, was a unique and very rewarding experience for CB Design.

CB Design worked with many talented Vermont artisans. Some of their beautiful custom products were showcased in the lobby and main conference room. This FBO is a gateway to Vermont and we wanted to surprise our visitors with a refreshing presentation of high quality locally made furnishings with a techy eco feel.

The beautiful area rugs were woven by Beaver Meadow in Marshfield, Vermont. The end tables were made by local furniture maker Brian Jones from Williston, Vermont. He cut the logs inside the table from his back yard, representing many of the native trees of Vermont.

The walnut slab was purchased by Brian Jones in Wallingford, Vermont to make the beautiful center table. In addition to the furnishings, CB Design worked with the Fleming Museum to support installation of a show by well known Vermont artist Herbert Meyer.

The main conference room table was made by designer Christian Brown from Jericho, Vermont. He purchased this piece of redwood, and estimated that it was at least 200 years old. It was too big to take out then, so remained on the forest floor for about 100 years. Now there is the technology for extracting these logs, and the beauty and age is a wonderful element for this room.

Photography by Susan Teare